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Underground Worx Companies proudly supports the SMCGAoA, and provides contribution by donating all internet services free of charge.

Underground Worx Advertising

Managing advertising needs for Underground Worx Companies is only one mission that is performed by our staff. UWX Advertising can also assist YOUR firm, group, or even individuals, in placement of ads and announcements to visitors of various web sites managed by the Underground Worx Companies and the Moving Violationz Group.

We currently offer two formats of advertisements for inclusion on webpages:

UWX ADChannel which is a visual/graphic advertisement which can display either static or animated graphic advertisementss;

UWX TextLinks which is a text format with the desired titling, a short description and contact information or linking.

Both formats can be seen in the right sidebar of this page, designed to fit within that area for display.

In each format all that is required is a small snippet of code to be added to pages where display is desired. All graphics, styling, scripting and advertisement text is served by our advertising server.

How can our service be beneficial to you?

By participating in our service your information is added into the rotation of the scripting, which is displayed on the webpages of others involved with the service giving their visitors exposure to your information.

By incorporating the code into your own page(s) your visitors are exposed to others' information.

In instances of using UWX TextLinks, search engines are exposed to more instances of each participants information, which assists in Search Engine Optimization(SEO), gaining each participant a greater chance of driving visitors to their own sites.

Everyone receives an advantage!